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Here is our latest video " A STORY OF DEPRESSION || NA CHAVU NENU CHASTHA "
Special Thanks to Tejaswini jonnagadla (for english subtitles )
Himalaya Reddy
Sai Roop
Sai Teja Gona
Publicity Designs
Design Maany
Dubbing incharge
Written and Directed by
Ravi Teja Mahadasyam
Co-Directed by
Sai Teja Gona
Produced by
Sarat Ankit Nadiminti
Chinna Vasudeva Reddy

  • bala trips
    bala trips

    Fantabulous mahadasyam....u just nailed it...

  • Tharun Singh
    Tharun Singh

    Really anna super anna Ur acting vere level Keep rocking Anna 🤗

  • Meghasyam Chavali
    Meghasyam Chavali

    It was just awesome❤️🙏

  • Sagar sagar grandhe
    Sagar sagar grandhe

    Cheppanu kada bro nuvvu ur INlabel Lo sumanth Gaaru ani. U just nailed it.

  • KV Fun Media
    KV Fun Media

    Everyone should make a strong and be brave ., Don't depressed !!!! heartouching storyline

  • Venkatapathi Raju Gangiri
    Venkatapathi Raju Gangiri

    Time heals everything. Manam depression lo vunnappudu logical ga alochinchalem. Prapancham antha mananlni badhapettatanike try chestundhi anipistadhi kani aa tough time lo quit cheyakapothe time heal chestundhi anni.. kani quit avvakunda vundatam chala kastam kani adokkate way. Oka person kosamo ledha oka thing kosamo quit chesentha chinnadhi Kadu ee world. Explore what all we can before we turn to dust!

  • Akhitash Tippana
    Akhitash Tippana

    I have Cried 😭 A Lot At 1:00 àm Night 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔....That Had Been watching Your Video ..,Very Heart Touching One 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • anish kancha
    anish kancha

    Ravi character is so sad

  • rajesh khanna
    rajesh khanna

    Bro chaala baagundhi nee acting

  • Sony Praneetha
    Sony Praneetha

    Till now I don't know what is CAPDT

  • Sri Ravali
    Sri Ravali

    Literal kantlonchi neellu karipoyay last scene ki. Nenu ivala pledge tiskuntna - naku telsina circle lo evraina depression lo unattu anpichina sare, I will make to be for them. Vaallu cheppedhi vinta n vaallani depression nunchi bayatki laagadanki na saayasakthula prayathnisthuneyyyyy unta. Nenu partial depression lo unna kabatti aa pain ento naku chala baga artham autundi!


  • surya kumar
    surya kumar

    Good concept ...nice performance...present nicely

  • Venkat nichenametla
    Venkat nichenametla

    super SHORT bro its really heart touching

  • chandrika kuruba
    chandrika kuruba

    This video made me cry...

  • Saikrishna Reddy
    Saikrishna Reddy

    Just same as my story.... Thankyou team for this...

  • Raghavendran Chithra
    Raghavendran Chithra

    Hi @CAPDT.. Regarding Sushant Singh Rajput the depression theory is proven as completely wrong and rubbish... And the evidences are screaming louder that its a planned murder.. So I kindly request you to please correct this..As we are fighting very hard to get Justice for SSR

  • Madhavi AV
    Madhavi AV

    Short film was very heart touching and Ravi Anna acting super , but please please don't use sushant name in this. He was not a depressed guy!!!!! He was murdered. Investigation is already going on and many evidences are out to prove that he didn't commit suicide. Don't take me wrong, please know the facts right.

  • manam nagarjuna
    manam nagarjuna

    Great acting bro

  • Raghavendra Krupa
    Raghavendra Krupa

    i really cried while seeing this tears r not stopping from eyes i dont know y i connnected this much ravi anna ur acting is awesome

  • RaFisa MaHTab
    RaFisa MaHTab

    কিছু কিছু মানুষের আত্নহত্যা করতে হয় না 😥 ডিপ্রেশন তাদের এমনিতেই শেষ করে দেয়.💔💔

  • Venkata Varsha Mannem
    Venkata Varsha Mannem

    😭😭😭loved ittt

  • Sandeep_Nadakuduru_5B2

    Bro 4.40 daggara vachina music denilodi pls tell anyone?????

  • Sarolin Vijaya
    Sarolin Vijaya

    Wonderful I understand how it feels 8 years I was in depression but by the help of my psychologist and my family I have overcome I am the biggest witness for this . Wonderful everyone should be conscious of their mental health. Having a depression is not a biggest problem but to overcome it is a big successful thing in life I couldn't stop myself after watching this vedio awesome please make more inspirational videos like this

  • Harsha Vardhan
    Harsha Vardhan

    This is the frist time I had seen your vedio bro I connected to the conpet of your line as a nice copect I fan of your conspet 😍

  • Satwika Sri
    Satwika Sri

    Concept chaala baavundi.Acting super kaani chinna change cheyyandi,aa kinda Tribute to SSR anedi teeseyandi plz .becoz that's completly wrong.

  • Thray chinna
    Thray chinna

    Anna na present life ni Xerox thisi copy chesinatu undhi story thappa sentiment tears thepinchai ...well done bro!!!

  • pävāñì Goka
    pävāñì Goka

    No words asalll 😘 simply superbbb...👌👌👌

  • Mahathi C
    Mahathi C

    thanks for the suggestion ,it was a great message for teenagers...

  • Monu Gowda
    Monu Gowda

    Nenu lockdown lo meru chesina chala short movies ni chosanu but naki enthala ade nu heart ki avaledu

  • Ayesha Mohammad
    Ayesha Mohammad

    That's so devastating and heartbreaking really edupu ostundi alochestne

  • Shashikar reddy
    Shashikar reddy

    Ravi anna acting skills👌. True tribute to Sushant bhai🙏 Your story made us cry😭


    That last two three lines u have showed were just awesome

  • lakshmee Ann
    lakshmee Ann

    This is the story of many people of todays generation... Raviteja garu... U killed it man. Yedipinchesav nijamga 😢😢😢

  • harika korrapati
    harika korrapati

    Soo true we need someone to hear but frds kuda ardam cheskoru

  • Mouni Dolly
    Mouni Dolly

    Seriously i dont completely watch any shortfilm i will watch everg videos of urs i also do short films but ur acting was 💞💞i really got tears i dont cry actually i never get tears also but u made me cry super film excellent script nijam ga oka depresion manishi ela untado alane chesav i think u shld go for films 😍😋💞

  • uttam tendulkar
    uttam tendulkar

    Bro mi videos manchigaa gaa unntayi .... e lanti fake video cheyavdhu....Sushant Singh Rajput Ni murder chessinaru.. mi video mathram depression antunaru ... meeku cheppinda Sushant thaniki depression ani meeru fake news thesukoni fake video cheyavadhu

  • geetha malika
    geetha malika

    I strongly believe every person feels lonely and low at one point of time. There will be one particular thing in our lives which we always regret about and thinking about it makes us feel so emptied, low and taken away. But it should just be a part of ur life. From that emptyness rise up urself, make urself stronger. No one can motivate u perfectly than your self confidence. If one particular thing is worrying u badly then just make something which gives u happiness. Reshape urself

  • Mohan ram
    Mohan ram

    Literally it's just awesome...I think no one are the who hadn't went to the phase of depression.everyone in the scheduled part of life had definitely went to part of depression because not getting good marks in studies,not getting the expected love from our parenting,in decision,heart beark ,family problems and for most when we miss our soul with connected ones just when they passed away ...S of course everyone will face this kind of problem...a simple thing which I use to say expecting from others that's is the cause of depression...just believe in u r self rather than other to that of our I can say our parents are though they are also humans in which sometimes they can't even balance the love to their children uniformly .s they the only soul's in which they expect us the children how we are .I can say they will always inspire us nd care us.i can say this is the most inspiring Nd lovable relationship in which they show enormous love Nd care without expecting.but sometimes I feel they're really some way partial abut me behalf of my siblings...As we the people will point out bad rather than good in each relation and even a single thing.the great love is parents love as in this also we r finding a minute pointout in which we hurts so it's better to stay away from heart bearks .try to recollect u r love towards parents.and LOVE u r self is the best way of taking u r self away from depression .then u will definitely know u r strength and weakness.meditation is the way In which u fell for urself.and helping someone also make u r self better... Ravi Garu done literally great job ..

  • Sreedeep Alaghari
    Sreedeep Alaghari

    😭😭 super anna video last lo naku adupu vachasindi

  • nagajyothi singareddy
    nagajyothi singareddy

    Anukunnavi cheilem Vaddanukunna vache alochanalu.... Pommanna poni kannillu..... Missing something...... Still learning something....... Anyway take long breath and move on...... All will come at time............

  • sai krishna
    sai krishna

    Great script and sexy acting bhayya serious gaa edpinchesav...


    I had tears in my eyes broo literally what a concept bro.mostly depressed people would be like that anukuntuna

  • bindu raj
    bindu raj

    No words ... .. ..

  • Jandhyala hymavathi
    Jandhyala hymavathi

    Ravi Anna Meeru bagha chesaaru really I'm in love with you the smile ossum this is message all the people want

  • Jandhyala hymavathi
    Jandhyala hymavathi

    Depression ante oorike vachedi kaadu techukunedi Plzzzzzz be avoid of tht

  • Jhansi Mediga
    Jhansi Mediga

    Heart touching script... 😓😓😓😓

  • Tyson Karthik
    Tyson Karthik

    omg..really tears in my eyes..awsm...


    Heart touching bro...!

  • Raavan Ponnana
    Raavan Ponnana

    Bhayamestundi bhayya ilantivi chuste

  • Pavan kumar Reddy
    Pavan kumar Reddy

    Kallallo neellu thiriginay bhayya...

  • Abhi Vardhan
    Abhi Vardhan

    Ravi Anna ur the best ❤️....! Always

  • Movie Masti
    Movie Masti

    Just superb bro

  • shanmukh sai333
    shanmukh sai333

    😂😂INlabel videos kuda remake chesthara.idi filtercopy vallu tessaru exact Meru copy kotteasaru

  • kusumanchi srihari
    kusumanchi srihari

    Bro for the first time ever I have shared link of a video on my watsapp it's yours and I am proudly can say that TFI got a complete actor

  • kusumanchi srihari
    kusumanchi srihari

    Bro too good video best part is your skill in acting it's as natural as it can be it's so real that I got really into a belief that you were really in a depression. I wish you have very good future

  • Deepthi Deepu
    Deepthi Deepu

    😥😥😥😥 Short film choosi intha la feel avadam idhe first time 👌👌👌👌

  • Muppaneni Teja
    Muppaneni Teja

    Techinally it's very good. The only thing it's lacking is a good sound design. A very good attempt.

  • Vijay raj K
    Vijay raj K

    This is 100% best movies I love this super broo all the BEST....

  • Suresh Chinna
    Suresh Chinna

    Mother always is great

  • Bala subrahmanyam Dunne
    Bala subrahmanyam Dunne

    Super super....Last emotional scene highlight...

  • Sreenath Reddy
    Sreenath Reddy

    I know there is no substitute to mothers love. But one can adopt an orphan old age woman around age of 55 to 60and build a beautiful family. Emotions r beyond our own blood. Oka kotha ammai ni chusi ista pani love chestunnapudu oka aged woman ni adopt cheskoni mother laga chusukovachu. Just I felt that when ravi bhayya was crying. Nice short film.


    Baga yedipincharu😔😢...♥ Heart touching short film 🎥all the very best 👍 🤝 waiting for next film


    bhayya 4:54 ee clip lo Jesse pinkman la vunnaru

  • Anallyze to be Simple
    Anallyze to be Simple

    6:42 most of the girls now a days.. Travel Chesi connect ipoyaka Chaala simple ga vadilestunnaru.. Most of the boys depression ki reason avtunnaru.. Kavalani evaru ah phase lo undaali anukoru, Infact ala unnattu kooda telidemo.

  • Jada Jaswika
    Jada Jaswika

    If you love you don't forget LO

  • Film gang
    Film gang స్నేహితులారా మీరు ఒక్కరే ఈ వీడియో చూసి ఆనందించడం కాకుండా కొంచెం ఆ నవ్వులు వినోదాన్ని మీ స్నేహితులు కూడా పంపండి మీ స్నేహితులు కూడా సంతోష పడతారు అనుకుంటే వాళ్లు కూడా మాకు సపోర్ట్ చేస్తారు మీ ద్వారా మేం కోరుకునే సహాయం, మాకు మీరు తెలిపే ప్రోత్సాహత ఈ వీడియో లింక్ ని షేర్ వీడియో ని షేర్ చేయడమే స్నేహితులారా .......🙏🙏😍😍

  • geethakrishna saichaitanya
    geethakrishna saichaitanya

    U nailed it Keep rocking

  • Pavan Grandhi
    Pavan Grandhi

    Very heart touching anna! Love you and your acting ❤️

  • Annepu Murali Krishna IsvsBqlwmf
    Annepu Murali Krishna IsvsBqlwmf

    Feel tho tisaru great job guys masth undhi kaka👾

  • Sri

    Edipinchesav kada bhayya...but supebbb👌👌..chala ante chala bavundi


    Great video.. 🙏

  • Parvathi Ganduri
    Parvathi Ganduri

    Very good script. Great action too. Very well thought and put together.

  • Thirumala Bhaskar
    Thirumala Bhaskar

    Kallaki Telikunda Kannilu vachesay Bro 😍👌❤

  • kattamuri akhil
    kattamuri akhil

    Edipinchesav bhayya 💔💔

  • Janaki Dornala
    Janaki Dornala

    Omg. ..Wt a script. ..😓😓😢

  • ranjith kumar
    ranjith kumar

    Best content 👌

  • Swathi Koppisetti
    Swathi Koppisetti

    What a motivational story yaar I can't stop my tears Raviteja Garu U are awesome ❣️ Lot's of love to Uuu

  • dhana lakshmi
    dhana lakshmi

    Wow exordinary is simple word to describe ur short film...Ravi sir u nailed it entire show with ur acting amazing script 👏..U showcased in gripping manner .Live life with ur loved once openly talk with them...

  • santosh babu burila
    santosh babu burila

    The best short film. Mental strength is main in now a days.

  • 10. Abdul Lathif
    10. Abdul Lathif

    Superb script

  • Satish Ujjina
    Satish Ujjina

    Matalu levu bro next level

  • cinematographer Vinay RK
    cinematographer Vinay RK

    we don't have motivation to get out this .... just need to look at your to motivate and being strong when u believe ...but life not happening what u want ..... accept the truth ...good one we r not same .... related to same motive ...

  • m srujana
    m srujana

    Even me ....i heart was filled with tears

  • Praveen Kumar
    Praveen Kumar

    Really really i thankful to who write this script it's very emotional & heart touching to mee which I ever seen in anywhere in my life and it's very helpful to depressed people 💯 thank you and also i am requesting to all plsss do like this script for awareness to public

  • Pavan Kumar Gunda
    Pavan Kumar Gunda

    Short film on CA Student continuation epudu vasthundi Bro??

  • Comrade Deva
    Comrade Deva

    It's really good concept

  • Krishna Chaitanya
    Krishna Chaitanya

    You tried very well and i got tears in my eyes, everyone i mean everyone will face it but the one who can face again can only live, jeevithamante poratam bro ( thalaiva )

  • Poojitha. P 72
    Poojitha. P 72

    You made me emotional, great acting Ravi garu!

  • Akella Sree Rama Kaushik
    Akella Sree Rama Kaushik

    I am sure most part of it is Ravi's story ..well done bro!#weknoweachother

  • Sammaiah Gajula
    Sammaiah Gajula

    I would like to know how many understood the real pain of Sushant Singh Rajput before watching this video

  • Vishnu Reddy
    Vishnu Reddy

    Almost naa story laga undi i don't know hw to come out from past

  • Jehosheba Bojja
    Jehosheba Bojja

    This is really awesome.. Very relating situation.. Thank you so much.. You made me realize what I need right now

  • chaitanya adusumilli
    chaitanya adusumilli

    Tears rolled over my eyes while watching the climax ❤

  • Nihal goud
    Nihal goud

    I cried 10 minutes after watching I couldn't stop my self literally

  • Jella shiva
    Jella shiva

    Emotional ✌️😭

  • Teju


  • v dedeepya
    v dedeepya

    Lots of people ( youngsters ) situation is same . Ap parents like only studying children. Not other talents are encouraged here . . . . So lots of suicides...... and this society is also one of the reason .. . . . . .


    Same na life kuda anthe But inka btech lo ne una btech avagane director avali ani undhi but intlo opukoru

  • rahul malsani
    rahul malsani

    One of the best short film

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