Ravi teja mahadasyam
chakradhar dittakavi
sai teja gona
suman singasani
Ravi oruganti
sai teja kalla
Mrudula peruri
Saran Ravula
Edited & DI
GRK Saran
Dubbing Incharge
Production Executive
Sasi Kanth BK
Produced by
Sarat Ankit Nadiminti
Chinna Vasudeva Reddy
Written and Directed by
Sasi kanth BK

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    Dasari Annapurna

    Aat kirak anna

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    1063 Anurag Durugkar

    Plz in HINDI

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    Venkata Ratnam V

    8:35 thoppu joku... Joke of the year... Pagalabadi navvanu le...

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    Watching for the n*nth time....!! #castudent

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    yours kmr

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    yours kmr

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    sachin vikash

    Ee roju Malli rendo sari chuddamani chusa bhayya. Aa acting aa feeling exact ga oka CA student lane chesav bro👏👏👌

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    sarvesh kumar

    Every CA student can relate to this video. Being a CA I can connect every moment of the video. Good job 👍👍

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    Chakri chakravarthy

    before joining in Ca watch this . He is Ca and Mba

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    tripura rekapalli

    The Caterpillar effect chudani vallu unte chudandi heart touching CA student life story

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    Kalki Kiran

    Ca 😍😍

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    Siva Ram Nalabothu

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    New generation facts

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    Jeevan Kumar

    Yeah it's correct, మనకి తెలియకుండానే కొన్ని courses లొకి వెళ్తాము. And ఎందుకు join అయ్యేనా , అని బాధ పడతాం , వదిలేద్దాం అనుకుంటాం but మనకి ఒక emotional bonding create avutadi . Last ki sadhistam ☺️👍💐

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    kaveri kakirala

    Realityga undhi

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    marella sukumar

    Real connection starts from 10:48😄

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    husna Wahab

    Plz make a vedio on civil upsc students also

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    jnanendra yalangi

    bro acting bagachesaru super bro ❤☺

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    sai kiran

    Superb video

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    Shivananda G

    Those shiverings and prayers are real when typing roll no for results.

  • Shivananda G
    Shivananda G

    Best video on CA Student struggles, every CA student connects to the content. Waiting for part 2.

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    Sandeep Jadala

    I have seen myself in many instances especially in 10:50. 😰😥

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    Eavanjan Kumar Yangala

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    sivaprasad yampalaku

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    Bhanu Kiran Jarugu

    If you focus on CA foundation with full conceptual clarity then you can clear CA inter and finaly easily...


    Thanks Anna..... Ma badha lokam ki chupinchinanaduku😭

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    Nikhil Reddy

    Tnq bro...probably one of the best motivational video for every CA....Please make further videos on CA bro....please

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    Anil Arjun

    Bro waiting for part2

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    Kowshik Kumar Reddy

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    Haranadh A

    CA students face chese fake love problems kuda chupiyandi bro part 2 lo

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    Goparaju Santosh Kumar Manyam

    Superb bro but you missed something exam rasaka chatting miss ayaru

  • CA Anil Mule
    CA Anil Mule

    Don't worry friends when you get fail, instead in every attempt give your best and try to analyse where you are doing mistakes.It requires immense strategy and planning to prepare for exams. All the best to all CA aspirants.

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    Manichandu Saidu

    Awesome video I ever seen 😍👌

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    Saii Jalli

    Episode 2. .....

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    Thray chinna

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      Thray chinna

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    Thray chinna

    Bro nenu CA student ...perfect ga chepav bro vedio ...1% kuda mismatch avaledhh kastalani perfect thisav ...well done ...

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    Sai Pranith patel

    Waiting for Part 2

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    Rajesh kumar

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    Hima bindu Meka

    This is superb... I saw a failure in my life for the very first time after entering in to this field..but, I never gave up even though there r pressures frm many ways ... So ... Pls don't give and work hard for 5 yrs and u will see the real joy for the rest of ur life. ...

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    prabhakar ch

    bhayya where is PART 2

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    harini bujji

    Avnu chala tensions.


    We want IAS video bro

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    Thank you ravi iam a ca student miru chupinchala badhalani experience ayam

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    Proud to be ca student

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    Vamsii viral talks

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    Vamsii viral talks

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    kumar Nalabothu

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    naveenkumar gunde

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  • CA Satish Motupalli
    CA Satish Motupalli

    How much this CA degree means? It's someone's emotion, It's someone's future, It's the difference between CA and inter CA, It's starting new journey or continuing with the old one, It sometimes give tears in front of the computer screen, It has wings for changing life and converting dreams into reality. Finally It's proud to be a CA. "NEVER GIVE UP"

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    Gunde mallikonda

    Nice bro🤣🤣

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    Sai Saketh

    Superb anna ur acting is very superb in the scene with books was I will very connected annna superb keep doing such ilke videos

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    Pitta Roshini

    I saw myself in the film 🤣🤣

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    Latha Jakinapelly

    years of hardwork sleeplessness no frnds away from family failed many times but succeeded atlast. I love learning chemistry and physics but dropped to mec from mpc for CA

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    Nitheesh kittu

    14.33 automatic ga neellochesai bro ippudu nadhi 3rd attempt 😭😭😭

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    Nitheesh kittu

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    Nitheesh kittu

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    gopi Krishna

    Super annaa nu.........chala ba tesaru .......nenu first time oka video ki comment pedutunnaaaa.......mammalni memu chusukunnatlu undeee..

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    politography P

    ఈ 3 months lo you tube lo skip కొట్టుకుండా....1.0x లో వుంచి 360psc లో పెట్టు కొని చుసిన వీడియొ.... CA లు గ్రేట్ రా భాయ్! కష్టమైన ఇష్టం తో చదువుతున్నారు.....

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    mahesh guthula

    I'm an engineering student.... When I see this video I thought CA would be touch..... But by seeing comments I understand the pain of #CA student..... All the best for all of u #CA students

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    Vikram Venkat

    Brother Same think happened in my Life also Only CA students faced the pain in the Accounting world

  • Sai Krishna
    Sai Krishna


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    raamitha patibandla

    14:24 what an actor this boy is

  • Your Soulmate
    Your Soulmate

    Na Friends Kontamandi CA Students C A Vallaki ekkuva importance istharu adhi naku nachadu but i appreciate CA STUDENTS..

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    prathap reddy

    Bro, I didn't fail up to now I have completed ca inter but by seeing this video I can understand my friend pain. I pray the God to pass him in this attempt

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    Gameboys yt

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    Deepika Marri

    Na life ni Nene chustunnatu undii😭..connected to itt

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    Vinay Kumar

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    FeRoZ RoCkzZ

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    Vladimir Putin

    Bro please put translation for northerns. We are unable to understand tamil.

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    Pradeep Kumar

    Bhayya oka suggestion ... One year back capdt ante oka episode chuste Anni chuseyaali anpinchevi... Andaru kalisi oke video lo super gaa undedi. Okkokardi okko talent oke short film lo oka hero ni villain ni n comedian ni chuse vaallam .. split ayye sarki videos lo Edo taggindi anpistundi. Motham nyayam chestunattuga ledu. Ippudu kuda baunnayi but Edo timepass anthe. One yr 2years back lo laa ayite ledu

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    praveen jakkula

    Super bro Same life for many CA students We CAs never give up

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    Pavan Kumar Gunda

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    peddi sandeep

    Waiting for part 2 soon man

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    Akhil Padavala

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    Viswesh manchupilli

    Do a video on upsc aspirat

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    Sandeep Kumhar

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    Vamshi B

    ఈ సబ్జెక్ట్ ల పేర్లు ఏంటి ర బాబు చదివితేనే భయం వేస్తోంది CA INTER 7)Enterprise information system &strategic management 8)Financial management &Economics for Finance CA FINAL 2)strategic financial management 3)Advanced auditing and professional ethics 5)strategic cost management and performance evolution

  • Sindhya Prasannen
    Sindhya Prasannen

    This is so relatable 🤦‍♀🤣..Good one! In my case it wasn't a CD but instead a brochure 😅😅

    • venugopal divi
      venugopal divi


  • kavin auditor
    kavin auditor

    Passing IPCC mmnt jst made me literally drop on eye....jst awesome dude....nice act....basis of true story of every dedicating students....luvly bro

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    Surya sabapathi

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    karuna yadav

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    chandra babu banda

    After completed CA life oka range bro

  • Rao P.C.
    Rao P.C.

    I really appreciate for showing the struggle of a CA aspirant but try to motivate and encourage CA aspirants in the next videos.

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    Chukkala Mallesham


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