Cheli Short film Trailer (With Subtitles) | CAPDT
Here is the Trailer of our 75th Production "Cheli" Directed by Satish Reddy Mallidi
Produced by Sarat Ankit Nadiminti and Chinna Vasudeva Reddy
Written by Pavan Yenagandula, Satish Reddy Mallidi, Ravi Teja Mahadaysam
Additional Scripting Gopi Nath Adimulam and Bhargav Writes
Publicity Designs : Maany
Publicity Stills : Vinay Reddy Mallidi
Cinematography & Lighting Sai Teja Kalla
Trailer Editor : Srikanth Chiliveru
Production Executives : Sasikanth & Vinay Reddy Mallidi
Line Producer Sravan
Direction Team : Ravi Tadela, Srikanth, Abhinay Varma, Prashanth Rathod, Sai Charan, Venkat Kalyan


    Trialer antha okati gopi bro kanabaddapudu oka range ellipoindi lollli

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    tammanna dora

    Super super superb I'm always support u r channel Pls subscribe and support me my channel #doravfx

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    Shyam Ss

    First shot arjun reddy movie shot

  • Sampath kumar Nagabathini
    Sampath kumar Nagabathini

    హీరోయిన్ ఏంటి స్వాతి నాయుడు లాగ ఉంది🙄🙄🙄 స్వాతి నాయుడు సిస్టర్ అయుంటది లే🤣😂🤣

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    Vinaykumar Arika

    Waiting..!!! #CAPDT is ❤️

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    SRM 2000

    Every FEMALE is special with her own SWAG !!!

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    Sreenath G

    all the best to the entire team this trailer looks like movie trailer

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    Sumanth Varada


  • sathya vahini
    sathya vahini

    Ravi teja.......osam.....😍😍

  • eravena srikanth
    eravena srikanth

    Climax vere

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    Jagadeesh Tomy


  • sai bhargav
    sai bhargav

    Your content is always good hope this one also reaches the expectation...

  • Charan Teja
    Charan Teja

    Short film laga kakunda feature film laga vuntundhi emo atleast konchem time spend chaiyachu

  • sunilkumar Parimi
    sunilkumar Parimi

    So nice waiting to see

  • Anil arelli
    Anil arelli

    Wow excellent 👏👌, when can we expect.?? Trailer a Ela undhi ante , full release ithe ika anthe , waiting for it

  • suhasini bhagavan
    suhasini bhagavan

    Aaay aaay mahadasyam😜haasyam maanesi inkedo chestunatunnav

  • naresh yadav cherukuri
    naresh yadav cherukuri

    U guys always rocks, camera quality, background locations ayithe peaks...

  • Kiran Lavanya
    Kiran Lavanya

    Release date appudu

  • avr sowjanya
    avr sowjanya

    Suprb trailer

  • Jeevan Joy
    Jeevan Joy

    It's was Awesome I'm really excited to watch this movie 😘😘 All the be CAPDT team # Cheali team also

  • Swat丨srikarツ

    Bro plz release it fast cant wait

  • Gopinath Konanki55
    Gopinath Konanki55

    Sahasam swasaga sagipoo ,,arjun reddy gurthochai anna..Still trailer tho decide cheyakudadu kabatti all the best

  • Srinu nani Veerabhathini
    Srinu nani Veerabhathini

    Come fast

  • Gopi Chand Thokala
    Gopi Chand Thokala

    Super bayyo

  • Enosh

    Eappudu bayya release iam waiting

  • Sana Creates
    Sana Creates

    Wohhh!!! Can’t wait to watch Akhila❤️ the way she cried 🔥 and hugged him 🙈

  • Yashwanth Reddy
    Yashwanth Reddy

    Bhai ye trailer tho bahut sa intetesting hey. Ye video ke liye intezar kar raha hu. Post it soon bhai

  • Abhay Ram
    Abhay Ram

    Nijangane Short Film Leka Film emaina 🤔🤗

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    Dileep jaikumar

    Toch ayindi bro 🖤

  • Janaki Dornala
    Janaki Dornala

    Starting dialogue super. .👌

  • Saiteja reddy
    Saiteja reddy

    Ravi garu,,, unexpected vi chesaru.......

  • BigBuster Raps
    BigBuster Raps

    Enti bayya cinema range lo plan chesara

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    pavan battula

    Superb bro

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    Harish Midathapelly


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    Srii Chandana

    Waitingggggg 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️!!!

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    Vinay pallagani

    Congratulations to the team Best edited trailer of #CAPDT #SRIKANTHCHILIVERU 👌👌👌

  • sathvik kamineni
    sathvik kamineni

    Location ekkada ekkada bayya

  • ramakanth Mekalashiva
    ramakanth Mekalashiva

    Speech nachute claps kodutham, Badhaga unte CAPDT pedutham Tq CAPDT...😍🥰♥️

  • krishna chaitanya
    krishna chaitanya

    Oka "Raja Rani" oka "Arjun reddy" oka "cheli". Adhiripovalanthe

  • Sony Kadiam
    Sony Kadiam

    The trailer is so promising😊 waiting eagerly for the short film..all d best to the CAPDT team💐👍🏻

  • Sandeep Kaldari
    Sandeep Kaldari

    After last scene Me : Abba...Sai ram

  • Sharathchowdary Y
    Sharathchowdary Y

    Waiting guys Have a good luck👍👍👍👍

  • controversy Manjunath
    controversy Manjunath

    Arjun reddy movie laga undi trailer

  • controversy Manjunath
    controversy Manjunath

    It looks like some goutam menon movie trailer

  • Goand Win
    Goand Win

    బీన్న రిలీజ్ చెయ్యి అన్న

  • Sameer Basa
    Sameer Basa

    Kuncham ........ waiting....... chudam...

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    king jaya

    All the best bro

  • Jyoti Laxmi
    Jyoti Laxmi

    Superb Trailer

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    Geetha Geetha

    Interesting. Waiting for the video


    Quality films ki care of address capdt

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    Javdala Raja

    I'm waiting 😍😍😍 all the best guy's ,👌👌👌

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    Usha Hani

    Looks like a movie Trailer.... Waiting 😍👌👌

  • Chinnu Atluri
    Chinnu Atluri

    Looks like a high budget movie. Standards are high. Keep it up.

  • Reetan Voonna
    Reetan Voonna

    75th episode... Congratulations...

  • Abhinava Lavakusha
    Abhinava Lavakusha

    Excellent and marvelous. Best of luck to the whole team .Excited to see CAPDT 75


    Bhayya mamoluga ledhu👌👌👌👌champesaaaav...🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️☺️☺️🥰🥰🥰

  • pavan sai
    pavan sai

    Bro trailer super toondarga release cheyara

  • sivasankararao

    Trailer awesome

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    Juned Ahammad

    Superb Trailer... All the best CAPDT Team

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    lakshmi gowthami

    Omggggggggggggggg 😍😍😍😍😍 Eagerly waiting

  • balaji s
    balaji s

    Awesome Trailer, Looks Interesting.

  • Jisina

    The background score is juss woww!!!

  • Akhil Reddy
    Akhil Reddy

    Anayya memu Break evvadaniki ready ga vunnam ✌️✌️✌️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

  • Raghuvarma Nallapu
    Raghuvarma Nallapu

    Bto malla 5 6 episode petti end cheppe story yeh ayithe start cheyakandi bro. But trailer bagundhi bayya


    Supab vundhi bro trailer all the best 💥🔥🔥👍👍👍

  • katoju Akhil
    katoju Akhil

    00:33 vikarabad ❤️

  • kiran 007
    kiran 007

    At the last while ur eating on the road side ur dressing was not suited and a that a side it was a suprb and going to be a hit web series soon.......All The Best guys 😍😍😍

  • g amit
    g amit

    Cool broo wr is our godavari guy

  • Bagi Bhargav
    Bagi Bhargav

    Ya waiting bro

  • SM

    Trailer is looking rich with emotion. All our wishes to your team.. 💐 I didn't expect this Devayani and Biryaani kind of touch 😂 ✌🏻✌🏻

  • Yogesh Yadav
    Yogesh Yadav

    Production values and direction keeeka

  • Hanshu Goud
    Hanshu Goud

    Cnct i thundhi bro

  • shivani mitta
    shivani mitta


  • Garima Garima
    Garima Garima

    All the best darling

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    raghu ram


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    G Venkat Reddy

    Nice taking bro

  • Ramani Nanagari
    Ramani Nanagari

    Superb... I am waiting for the film...

  • Cheerla Ganesh Ganesh
    Cheerla Ganesh Ganesh

    Superb! Ravi Teja acting is good. Eppudu release bro?

  • Prashanth Ch
    Prashanth Ch


  • Minhaz Mohammad
    Minhaz Mohammad

    Wow trailer eh intha super ga undhe anthae inka picture ela untundho expect cheyavachu

  • sushma vagwala
    sushma vagwala

    Short film antha oke ammai aa? Okkosari okkola undhi😂

  • Malyadri Tumma
    Malyadri Tumma


  • Shaiknagur Shaiknagur
    Shaiknagur Shaiknagur

    Oh very sed story love kosam ma e video ani episodes

  • SM


  • Ashalatha Gudhe
    Ashalatha Gudhe

    Wow expectations high...


    Film by film they are improving..i mean acting,comedy,story wise ...too good

  • Divyanjali K
    Divyanjali K


  • Nani 1437
    Nani 1437

    Looks good like a movie trailer 💥🔥


    Happy to see this sooo many shoots are there. How much time the film is there. bro

  • Phani Palaparthi
    Phani Palaparthi


  • lakshman bhaskar
    lakshman bhaskar

    Wow bro...Cam quality superb...😎...all the best guys... For 75 th production...

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    Bhargav Sunil


  • jala neelu
    jala neelu

    We r very very exciting to c 😁🤩🤩

  • sudhakar thatipamula
    sudhakar thatipamula

    Huuuu... huuuu... cheli is out now

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    t.satish kumar

    Ravi Anna you always rocks

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    chitte prem kumar

    Waiting bro

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    Harsha Kumar

    1st comment 🤘🤘

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    Surendra Kumar

    Bro super I am waiting 😍😍😍


    Good luck guys .......1st comment

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